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Postby smnstn on Sat Mar 21, 2009 1:59 pm

Just a little update here. I spent last week in East Texas working with a stationary volumetric mixer producing drycast concrete for feeding vibratory molds to make concrete pipe and culverts. We began by completely recalibrating the equipment and working up new mix designs formulated specifically for the purpose. Then we tried the new gate settings with actual production. Prototypical units appeared to be OK. No lab reports back yet. There was an irritating bughole problem on the pipe that was corrected to an acceptable level with an admixture. The goal was to refine the concrete itself to make the end product acceptable to the Texas D.O.T. and the national Concrete Pipe Association Q-C Program.

Anyone wishing to explore high density concrete (0-3/4" slump), or drycast (0-slump) is welcome to contact me via cellphone listed in my initial introduction above. I have also helped producers achieve excellent results with SCC concrete and very-early concrete, if that's your desire.

Simon Stanfield
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Re: Tell Us About Yourself Here!

Postby ironman on Wed Apr 01, 2009 4:46 pm

HI all...

I am IRONMAN -Jack Rice-and I own and operated Texaloy Foundry. We make both iron and steel castings, specializing in Ni-Hard wear parts for concrete mixers and volumetric mixers. I'll keep this simple because this is an intro - not advertising - and sort of my quick 'hello'. I have been in the concrete industry for 30 years and live in South Texas. The web site is;
If you have questions about wear parts, the metallurgy of Ni-Hard, up! I'll be glad to help in any way I can... ;)
Ni-Hard wear parts for the concrete industry
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Postby cmmwest on Tue Apr 21, 2009 1:40 pm


My name is Mark, my brother Brian, and Father Mike have been in the volumetric business for 5 years now. We have 4 units (3 CemenTechs & 1 Reimer), we are located in So. Cal and like do bid remote projects. The further away from services the better. We look foward to learning what you guys can teach us through this site. We too have experienced false set problems, slow set problems, auger wear problems, admix problems, and marketing problems and we too have have worked through them. We can be reached at 951 216 1101 or email my phone at
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Postby harberconcrete on Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:16 pm

Hello to all, my name is Brad Harber and I operate in the central coast area of California (Carmel, Monterey, etc.)
I have been in operation since August 2000, when I received my first mixer a Cementech 8-150. I purchased a second unit and ran two until Oct. of 2008 which was a very hard year for many of us and I was able to sell the 2000 unit. I had a liquid color system on the original unit and chose the powder system for the second unit. Prior to going into business I worked for a ready mix company (barrel trucks)for about 13 years with half of that time being in the companies material testing and research department testing concrete (slump, air, cylinders, unit weight, compressive/flexural strengths, shrinkage, etc.) and testing aggregates (gradation, absorption, specific gravity, durability, etc.). I also was responsible for creating concrete mix designs to meet specifications for various projects.
I believe that volumetric concrete producers have some distinct advantages, zero waste, small operating footprint the ability to go from one job to another..., with the main difficulties being that many of us are under funded and many try to be the "lowest price". I am on the Verizon network 813.915.5875
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Postby JayD on Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:55 pm

Hello my name is J Dlacy, Thank you Mr. Don Mullin for inviting me to join. Some of the posts that I have read have already helped me & I am grateful that is available.
My background is varied, starting with water well drilling. My Dad & I built our drilling rig, & drilled irragation wells up to 24 inches in diameter & up to 1500 feet deep. Built masonry homes for several years including adobe & rammed earth. Became journeyman plasterer with operative plasterers & cement masons. Then became involved with R&D of masonry mix designs, & forming techniques , including cellular concretes & others that utilize high volume waste combined with portland, other nonportland binders. using these mixes to build several composite concrete homes.
Have not made a lot of money with all this education/experimenting yet, but there is still hope.
I am currently working on basicly a home built mobile mixing operation from parts I acquired from auctions..
The intention is to use the volumetric mixing process primarily to feed my Reed hydraulic driven gunite machine, but i want to retain the option of making reglular concrete also. The mixing screw assembly I acquired from a mine aution & is a 9inch by 9feet fed with two horizontal feed screws from one two yard aggreagate bin, & one 1yard cement bin. I have got these feed augers going with two LSHT hydraulic motors with variable flow control valves. Also aquired a truck mounted cement tender that I believe holds 22,000 Lbs of cement. The tender has a horizontal feed screw at the bottom of the large bin that feeds a vertical scew that I am leaning over to the smaller cement bin fed. What I do not know for sure at present (among other things) is what RPM I should turn the mixing screw, & how tight of clearances I should maintain between the mixing screw & the boot. Thanks ; JayD
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