Here's How and Why We Need Your Support!

Here's How and Why We Need Your Support!

Postby admin on Mon Jan 12, 2009 1:43 pm

The continued growth in the mobile mix industry has amplified the need for an internet forum. Although this not a new or unique idea, an online support group for the mobile concrete industry will help individuals, suppliers, and manufacturers by providing an unbiased platform to share ideas. Attempts have been made in the past to develop such a forum; however brand loyalty has somewhat hindered information sharing. It has become evident that true information sharing and innovation can only be achieved through an independent, open forum. Manufacturer’s play a role in the development of new technology, however those in the field often have the most appropriate and innovative ideas for improvements. Our goal is to bring all parties together for the betterment of the industry.

Why now?
The need for a centralized resource for improved product development and technological advances in both equipment and manufacturing is increasingly evident throughout our industry. By highlighting owner-operator concerns and sharing ideas for improvements, we intend to become a hub for manufacturers, materials suppliers and end users alike. We want to capitalize on the existing knowledge base present in related industries... ad-mix chemicals, specialty application cement blends, rapid setting cements, pervious concrete, materials applications and mix designs... to help us achieve the delicate balance between customer demands, equipment longevity and operator safety.

The dilemma that presently plagues the volumetric mixer industry boils down to a lack of information sharing. The reality of the industry is that owner-operators with service areas that don’t overlap should not be viewed as competitors. Rather, they should be viewed as a resource regardless of the equipment manufacturer. “The value of all business is enhanced when information is shared.” Alas, the purpose of this letter... As we all agree, this concept has been debated for years. From manufacturers to operators, the consensus is that a forum would be a valuable resource and there is no better time than the present.

An analysis or profile of the mobile mix industry has indicated that there are 8,000-10,000 mobile concrete units and roughly an additional 5,000 stationary units worldwide. A mobile-mix operator usually serves a 30-40 mile radius. On average, each business owns one to two units and is typically family run. I am quite proud that my son and I have successfully operated a mobile mix business since 1991. In addition to being an owner-operator, I have assisted with the start-up of 14 independent mobile mix companies. I presented a speech on volumetric concrete mixers at the 2003 National Ready Mix Concrete Conference at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Over the years, I have published and contributed several articles in various trade publications, and am willing and quite capable of
developing this forum.

I have hired a very enthusiastic, capable, and talented individual with a great deal of corporate experience to design, set up, and manage this medium. The total design, set-up, maintenance, and advertising expenses are estimated at $5,000-$6,000 dollars. I am asking for your support in the amount of $250. With this, you will be entitled to advertise as a sponsor and have a link to your website from All sponsors will be represented in the same font, as differences in individual logos pose a problem.

I have already purchased the domain name and the site is well under construction. I would appreciate all support. Sponsor checks can be made out to Don Mullin, as I have no intention of establishing a “for profit” entity. All sponsorship monies will be used to cover associated costs relating to web site development, maintenance and advertising. Sponsorship commitments need to be made ASAP.

I look forward to our success, and plan to have printed cards available to hand out at the World of Concrete Convention to raise awareness of this forum. Thank you in advance for your support!

Don Mullin
46 Skyline Dr., Salem, CT 06420
Phone: 860.625.1428
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