Daffin trucks still everywhere

Daffin trucks still everywhere

Postby CONEXPCJ on Mon Jan 12, 2009 11:22 pm

Never ceases to amaze me how many Daffin trucks are still in working condition today. I have seen Daffin's in everyday use from Tampa, Florida to the mountains of Canada. a true testament to the quality of Irl Daffin's designs. He was way ahead of his times!
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Re: Daffin trucks still everywhere

Postby smnstn on Sat Jan 17, 2009 5:39 pm

Yes, unfortunately, there are still a number of Daffin Concrete Mobiles in service. Just remember that most of the parts were made from mild steel, and unless these things have been parked in heated garages for 35 years, every single component on them has rusted out and been replaced. The overall technology has changed dramatically, and in most cases, for the better. In it's day, the Concrete Mobile was the only game in town. That is not true now, and this causes the manufacturers of this type of equipment to be particularly sensitive to innovative changes in materials delivery techniques and power transmission engineering. I have worked with some Daffins in recent years, and always had to be particularly attentive to things such as PTO RPMs, and true cement delivery. The admix systems were iffy, and the auger mixer design often needed some improvement. Those that stayed in business with this equipment over the long haul made many changes themselves, often very similar to OEM equipment today.

Remarkable machines in their day, but we are doing much better in the industry today. There are still some DC-3 aircraft flying, but the 757s seem to do a better job.

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