Cement Tube

Cement Tube

Postby mhauer on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:24 pm

Hi everyone. Just thought that I would share a lucky find I came across. The cement tube/hose that drops the cement from the auger under the metering wheel down into the bowl needs replacement from time to time. While the Elkin replacement is really rugged, it gets stiff in the cold and is quite expansive to replace. I went down to the local pool supply and bought some of those "water tubes" that people fill with water and lay on the ground around their pools to hold the pool cover for the winter. They have to be single chamber and 12" wide to work properly. Simply cut them into the proper length, and slip them on and clamp them exactly like the Elkin piece. Then, take a knife and put a 1.5 inch slit in the top-side of the tube, just under where it clamps on so it can draw a little air as the cement drops so it dosen,t "glug". Have the bottom trimmed to a length that just touches the auger when it is in the mixing position as that helps keep the dust down.
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Re: Cement Tube

Postby smnstn on Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:28 pm

Mike -- Simon Stanfield here again. That sounds like a great idea for the cement drop. There is also coated fabric available for this purpose, and it tends to shed dust and paste. Another alternative is a dust "sock" from baghouse and popoff valve arrangements, and If you're ever caught nowhere near a supplier for any of the above, some tube sand units for winter driving sold by hardware stores and some automotive supply outlets are the right diameter -- and they're cheap! I have even used old truck inner tubes -- they're probably hard to come by these days -- and masonry contractor supply houses have what they call "Elephant Trunk" in many diameters and lengths. This stuff can even be applied to the discharge end of the mixer when such a configuration is desirable; sort of like the end of a concrete pump. I carry a pair of kitchen shears in my gear for just this purpose.

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