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Sand & Stone Bins - Interior Supports

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:34 am
by LeeMR
I purchased a used Zim mixer, and as with any used piece of equipment, there are always things that need attention or updating.

One of the things that I found odd, is that on the interior of the sand and stone bins, on the sloped sides, there are metal ribs (approx 2" in height) running vertically, top to bottom, on the sloped sides. The reason I say odd, is that I have owned sander bodies of similar construction, and the sloped sides have no ribs on the inside, providing a smooth interior surface.

I toyed with the idea of sheeting the interior of the sloped sides with some type of liner, similar to what is used for dump bodies, to aid in feeding the materials to the drive chains. Obviously, with these interior ribs, this is not very feasible. I thought of eliminating these ribs, but obviously they are there for rigidity.

Was just wondering if anyone else has given much thought to this, or made any such modifications.

Re: Sand & Stone Bins - Interior Supports

PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:52 pm
by mhauer
Hi Lee-

Mike Hauer here. It seems odd to have those ribs inside of the bins. The material must flow horribly. I would not cut them out for structural reasons nor would I skin over them either. If you skin them over, it just adds more weight that mobile mixers just don't need. Also, you would be creating pockets for moisture to hang out and rot the bins out . I would call down to Zimmerman and talk to a tech guy. Everyone who I have met or talked to at Zimmerman has been very attentive and knowlegable. Maybe they will tell you it's OK to remove them. Or maybe replace them with some sort of reinforcement on the outside. The whole thing seem wierd to me- definitelty worth a call.
Just my two cents worth.