New Additive(s) from DarCole

New Additive(s) from DarCole

Postby Darin@DarCole on Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:27 pm

We at DarCole Products, Incorporated are always striving to improve our existing products available whether it be out in the field/jobsite, inhouse lab testing, customer feedback, etc. We have reformulated our plasticizer, DNL485 and water reducer, DWR385 to develop the new DNL785. DNL785 is an all-in-one plasticizer/water reducing additive. Using 785 will greatly enhance pumpability, workability, flowability, finishability, water/cement ratios, and much more benefits.

DNL785, like all of our products, is environmentally friendly, safe to use in the water resevior without settlement, but best of all for a lot of volumetrics, developed to be used in admix tanks as well. Many people like to use admix tanks instead of using directly in the water supply tank like we recommend, so instead of having to use multiple products in multiple admix tanks, we came up with a way to get all the benefits of our admixtures in one simple, easy to use chemical!

However, we didnt stop there.... We further developed the DNL785 to come with up DNL785 SCC (Self Consolidating Concrete) ONE product, able to use directly in water supply tank OR admix tank, and have every benefit needed besides an accelerator in the winter!! It has all the benefits of DNL785, with the added benefits of highly flowable mix, cut back water 15-20%, acheive 4-6% air entrainment depending on materials, ability to pull forms sooner, greater strengths, etc.

We havent updated our website with these new products yet, however if you would like any more information, try a sample, place an order, or anything else, please feel free to give us a call or shoot me an email and we will be more than happy to help!
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