Sales Leads from

Sales Leads from

Postby Computer Dan on Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:38 pm

David Murray with Evergreen Specialty Services has developed a web based lead generation system for the short load concrete industry. He has five years experience driving leads to other truck based service providers including the document shredding industry. This is a wonderfully clean system and works very well for the member service companies all over the US.

Why does David's system work well for his customers?

1) Each of David's customers (the service provider) is given their own unique toll free number that their potential customer uses to call the short load concrete company directly.

2) Each of those calls is recorded when it happens and emailed to the service provider that night. Each service provider listens to the conversation from the previous day. The service provider can return bad or “no charge” leads, which includes calls from job seekers, jobs which are too small or out of the area, jobs which just don’t make any sense, etc. The service provider only pays for normal leads. If it is judged a poor lead - by the service provider - there is no charge for the lead.

This is "found" business for these service companies. The individual companies appear to be part of a larger group, increasing credibility for each of the individual companies. These are potential customers calling that are ready to do something. The program allows the service provider to drop out with a days notice. Over the years, the service providers stay in the program. That means that David retains the service companies that have signed up for his lead program. And I interpret that to mean it is working for them.

And I can tell you from being in David's office, the websites work. The email recordings (leads) just keep showing up day after day.

I think David's understanding of the technologies involved, the marketing mindset needed and the quality of the leads he is generating for his customers makes his offering to the short load concrete market place definitely worth a try.

To visit David’s document destruction website go to I went to the Oklahoma City page to see how the contact information was presented.

To visit the new Short Load Concrete site, This will show you what David is in the process of creating.

I urge you to consider what David has created - and will grow - with your support. Contact David at 800-239-3814 for a free trial period.
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Re: Sales Leads from

Postby smnstn on Thu Jun 18, 2009 10:08 am

HEY, GROUP: this is just the sort of program that can be helpful as it is reliant on real-time, need-based conditions. I like this a whole lot better than the scheme Lee at Mix-Rite Concrete was hustled with. I have known Computer Dan for a number of years now, and he is one of the few non-producers who really listens and understands the circumstances of the volumetric producer. He's also the guy who developed and refined BOBware, the complete management system for mobile mixer producers. Why not check out "Short Load" and "Bobware" to see if they can help you?

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