Setting up a new site

Setting up a new site

Postby CONEXPCJ on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:02 pm

I am trying to get some ideas together as we recently purchased a belgrade tilt-up silo to start up a "satellite" location closer to home. I will be loading aggregate with a skid steer. Was looking to see some pictures of people's set-ups so I can get some ideas of how I can lay it out to be the most efficient way possible. Thinking of backing up to silo and material piles on each side, with the truck recessed 2 feet or so down in a pit. Any ideas or pictures of something that works well?
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Re: Setting up a new site

Postby LeeMR on Mon Jan 11, 2010 10:33 pm

Hey Chris,

Mike & Tony, who as you know, run the same size trucks you do, and they also use a skid steer to load. I've seen their setup, and it is as you describe. Truck backs into an area surrounded by one course of concrete blocks, with the aggregate on either side. Their silo is inside the building, but putting the silo in between is something that i have seen in other setups. That's how I'm laying out mine. Just an FYI. I purchased two of those temporary shelters from BJ's Warehouse to cover my material piles. They are 12' x 20' and have an 8' high door opening, cost only $300 each. I'm putting them on top of two courses of concrete blocks. That will give me enough room to use my Cat 920 loader to get in the shelter. If you're using a skid steer, you might not even need any block.

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Re: Setting up a new site

Postby smnstn on Tue Jan 12, 2010 2:17 pm

I will try to scrape the mold off an album of photos I have of many different sites I visited over the years and have that with me at the World of Concrete for those who want to view it. I probably have quite a few on my old computer as well. I'll try to have that source working by then, also. Try my cellphone after February 1. My info is on this site as a sponsor.

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