Everyone Hybernating?

Everyone Hybernating?

Postby LeeMR on Sat Feb 12, 2011 10:53 am

Hello!! Anyone home?

I had to check that I was signed in. I had no red circles on my board index. I haven't seen much activity on the site. I'm as guilty as anyone for not posting more often. Just checking in to see if all is well. I know it's been doubly hard to keep business moving forward in this economy. And posting here is probably the last thing on everyone's mind.

Even if it's just to say "Hey..I'm alive and well!"... I hope to see more of us posting. I'll try to do a better job myself.

To a better year! 8-)

Lee Gentile

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Re: Everyone Hybernating?

Postby smnstn on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:16 am

Lee -- it seems like everyone is hybernating. Not a bad idea in the Northeast this year, I think. Also, the World of Concrete experience became so unpleasant over the previous couple of years that I omitted it this year. I also see that the attendance figures indicate nealry a 50% deficit from the last peak year. Don Mullin was there, I think. I have not communicated with him other than by e-mail, which he did not answer ... as usual. I'll try to call him today.

I did get into New York City between snowstorms to help our son move into Manhattan from Newark. In the process he proudly took my wife and myself to brunch at Topp's Diner on the Jersey side, claiming it to be a gem of a find for both quality and price. He was quite chagrined when I announced I had been there with a contractor while supervising replacement of the George Washington Bridge ramps a few years back. That was a Rapid Set job requiring mobile mixers and owned by the Port Authority. I found the contractor and the Port engineer flexible, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I could use a couple of projects like that this spring.
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