Weigh Your Silo

Weigh Your Silo

Postby smnstn on Sun Mar 10, 2013 12:19 pm

How much cement is is your silo? Can you know for sure if there's enough left to deliver some orders and still receive a fresh load from your supplier? Save your filter bags and the air quality of your neighborhood. Know what's in there -- even the small portable bins.

You can actually weigh your silo within 2% accuracy without having to install load cells, lift the whole thing with a crane or add up all your receipts to guess what you have used. You don't have to climb up to the top and peer in with a spotlight or trust mechanical devices that check the level in only one spot. Cement does not fall evenly in your bulk tank. Why not know for sure what's in there?

Contact me me for information on the latest technology for measuring your bulk cement supply with reasonably priced hardware you can install yourself.

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