What everyone should know about parts, but was afraid to ask

What everyone should know about parts, but was afraid to ask

Postby don.mullin on Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:21 pm

What Everyone Should Know About Parts,
But Were Afraid To Ask!

Availability, Dependability, Reliability

Over the past 20 years or so, I have taken the time and invested thousands of dollars addressing the above topic. With countless failures and many successes, I am optimistic in our ability to continue to make things better. Some things I would like to see addressed are:
1: Lowering the frequency of maintenance and repairs.
2: Lowering the costs of materials and labor.
3: The increase of reliability.
4: Cutting down the amount of downtime.

Let’s break it down and see where we may improve…

Augers: It definitely pays to us wear blade equipped augers with spiral flighting, NOT sectional flighting. They are flatter and smoother, requiring no sectional welding or bumpy welds. By using a drawn on mandrel (DOM) shaft as opposed to using schedule 40 pipe, there is less chance of distortion. Done correctly, the augers should run true, and not “whip” as the distorted ones do.
The life of the auger boot and bearings are extended when the auger runs true. When urethane shoes are available soon (patent pending), they will be 1/5 the weight of ni-hard wear blades and easy to install.

Auger Boots: Ductile backed or urethane boots have proven superior to rubber conveyor material as it allows the material to ungulate, eliminating excessive wear. You will find that urethane works extremely well for some time, but is extremely expensive and will eventually sag, rendering it useless before wearing out. The ductile backed material is less expensive, and has performed better in testing over a five year period.

Sidewipes and Center Dividers: Urethane has proven to be indestructible compared to rubber. It is more expensive, but virtually bulletproof. Having personally replaced rubber sidewipes on three occasions in 16 months, it was a 2 man job that took about half a day. Urethane is a no-brainer.

Conveyor Belt: A minimum of 220 piw rubber for integrity must be utilized. The radius of our pulleys will accommodate 330 piw with the low rpm’s we turn on the belt.
The Daffin mixers used a vanner-edge belt, which some still utilize. Arguably, if side wipes are used, it seems unnecessary and redundant.

Sprockets: These should be hardened or heat-treated. If pintle chain is used, they need annular rings on the sprockets to support the chain links to eliminate excessive wear.

Auger Latches: If you are able to shake your auger in the upright travel position, you are beating out your swivel mechanism, swing cylinder seals, and pivot pins on your unit while traveling to and from jobs. It just doesn’t make sense that 90% of your wear is done in transit while not making money. Some have addressed this problem and others continue to treat it as a cash cow, selling replacement latch assemblies and assorted other parts.

We have incorporated plastic molded cement covers and an air over hydraulic admix system that is safe, reliable, efficient, and works seamlessly on 4-6 pounds of air pressure. We are presently working on many other innovations. Could you just imagine what thousands of owner/operators could accomplish if we all contributed even a little? The relatively few of us in the Northeast have accomplished more collectively than the rest of the world!
How’s that for throwing down a challenge? Hope to see you at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.
Don Mullin
Concrete Express, Inc.

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Re: What everyone should know about parts, but was afraid to ask

Postby smnstn on Wed Jan 27, 2010 10:59 am

Good information, Don! I would add that any metal wear part will have some sort of "grade" or Brinnell(sp?) rating. On investigating pre-formed and manufactured replacement parts, I would inquire from the source as to what this rating is. If you get double-talk or an unsatisfactory reply, check other sources. Don Mullin with Concrete Express is one source, I am another. While I do not manufacture parts and supplies myself, I have several connections to people who do.

Remember that as we get into a pressurized atmosphere of infrastructure repair across the country, volumetric high performance concrete will become a necessity, not an option. Thus, our machines must perform with absolute reliability. While we can often reschedule a DIY project if we lose a set screw or tear a boot, we cannot put off the contractor who is literally banking on opening his bridge deck to traffic in a few hours.

I look forward to meeting those of you I have yet had the privilege to encounter at the World of Concrete. I will be walking the floor primarily in the Producers Center in the North Hall and the live demos in the outdoor section that is not in the grandstand. I will have my cellphone with me. That number is posted in my information as a sponsor of this site.

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Re: What everyone should know about parts, but was afraid to ask

Postby nmadsen on Wed Mar 16, 2011 7:11 pm

Thanks for a great site. I am learning a lot. With regards to the auger boots, I was aware of the urethane material as opposed to the conveyour belt material, but was unaware of the "ductile backed". My belt supplier has urethane, but doesn't know what ductile backed is. Does it go by another name?
Thank you again,
Neil P. Madsen
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