Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?

Postby don.mullin on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:45 am

A fellow by the name of Warren Buffet has had a great deal of experience in seeking out good, fundamentally solid companies which have held on to their present employees and managed to drive them to continued growth and even greater success. It’s a very basic business strategy that has built him great wealth.
General Motors is an example in the scenario of a healthy company merging brands, buying out failures, and acquiring at all costs the competition. While it appears to be attractive for a company to acquire several brands, it is very difficult to interchange the majority of the components needed to justify these acquisitions. The end result is there is no value in competing with yourself. It just results in an economic death spiral. But with Uncle Sam around, money will be thrown at you because you are too big to fail.
If you play out the second scenario, it will lead you to the conclusion that bigger is seldom better, especially for the consumer. While General Motors offers you more choices, the little guy is more likely to be more straight shooting, reliable, and user friendly. They also don’t drag government or complex ownerships into liability, decisions, or responsibility.
All this rhetoric points to doing business with a reliable company. Before the big box stores, we were served well and received the best services and quality from stores that bore a man’s name and prospered for many generations. They were quickly put out of business by others selling for less, with the customers not recognizing that the quality disappeared with the lower price. You could buy 6 for a dollar rather than 25 cents each. However, they weren’t worth 10 cents each. Not recognizing inferior quality at a cheap price made us abandon our honest, reliable merchants.
Be aware that integrity takes a lifetime of good service. Quality of a product is measured in more ways than initial price. Service, availability, cost, and availability of replacement parts are critical components.
Look to invest in a company with reliable, knowledgeable ownership and management. If possible, seek out individuals who have owned and successfully operated their equipment. It’s very easy to check out all brands of equipment with owner/operators throughout the world.
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Re: Does Size Matter?

Postby smnstn on Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:02 pm

Couldn't have said this better myself! This goes for services as well as hardware.

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